Adam Slye

As the only permanent and comprehensive record of the school year, the printed yearbook has incredible value, with both immediate and lasting importance to your entire school community. Since 2003 I've been a sales representative for Herff Jones Yearbooks, providing schools in the greater Sacramento area with the guidance and tools to create their best yearbooks ever.

There's lots of talk about the "death of yearbooks" lately, citing social networks and other digital services. I'm an avid user of the latest and greatest services and gadgets, but even in today's digital world with one-click sharing of photos and feelings, I firmly believe in both the immediate and lasting value of a permanent, printed record of the high school experience created by a dedicated staff of students. Someone much smarter than me said recently there are three skills our students need in order to succeed in the modern world. They need to be: fluent in technology, excellent in communicating and capable problem-solvers. There's no better class on any campus at teaching these key areas than yearbook. The educational experience is like no other and the printed book is one piece of technology guaranteed to work in 20 years! (Just think of those poor folks with VHS yearbooks.)

I'm NorCal born and raised. I live in Citrus Heights in a beautiful Eichler home with my even more beautiful wife, Jennifer, her 12-year-old son, Andrew and our sweet little newborn, Lila. I present at national journalism conventions and area workshops in addition to co-directing the Yearbooks CA summer camp. I'm a Member of the Journalism Education Association (JEA), the Northern California chapter of JEA (JEANC) and the Student Press Law Center (SPLC).