Miranda Adams

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I am an idelistic and imaginative. i have a strong passion for the things i love.

i love to read and write. I would love to be a writer or a publisher or someone who rewiews books.

I'm not the biggest fan of talking infront of large groups of people. but i have strong opions when it comes to something that means soemthign to me. I'm excited about new things. I'm not always on time but I'm a hard worker and make up for the time i lost by being late. I'm not the most organized person and i sometimes forget things but i do my work do the best of my ablities. i get lost into books and thought easliy.

I usually read fantsy and fiction. i enjoy and exciting story and something that i can relate to or get sucked into.

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    • Student
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    • Highschool