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Adam Social

Pittsburgh, PA

Adam Social

Pittsburgh, PA

I only wear shoes when absolutely necessary. I'm the weirdo you'll see walking around the neighborhood barefoot... just so long as it isn't Carson St.

Punk rock kid at 31. Nonprofit life. Supporter of Anonymous. Atheist. Activist.

I was a concert promoter for the majority of my teens and early twenties. It was the happiest that I'd ever been, and I'm considering going back to it, putting on charity shows.

Now I raise funds for liberal nonprofits. I'm good at it. It doesn't pay nearly as much as my previous career. I'm okay with this.

I'm still adapting to living in the city again. I spent the last six years in a nightmarish small town. I smile a lot more these days.

I love the Pittsburgh Penguins. I go to multiple games a season. While I don't have a TV or cable, I stream games illegally, or find a good bar to watch them. I scream at the games. I'm okay with all of this.

I'm not a dick. At least I won't be to you... unless you're a bigot or something. I have all of my teeth. Let's get a beer.

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