This is Adamson Abiola Olajuwon M, 33 years of age hail from Abeokuta born into the family of a business morgan mr and mrs Oladeinde Adamson on the 25th of June 1981,i was born the day my elder sister clocked 2 years,i was born with a sliver spoon in my mouth,I attended Housing estate primary school later got admitted to st leos college in 1993 and later joined Sallamot Olaniyan Memory college we i sat my my o level and later got admission to Moshood Abiola polytechnic in 2002 where i sturdy mass communiction.

I can remember vividly on 2001 when i was planing to sturdy in University of Ibadan where i wanted to sturdy law but my dad discouraged me due to his own understanding,i started working with Pensions Allaince Limited as a public relations office as a result of my field of study,later working with Mapaps integreted resources limited where i held the post of personal manager and later became the manager of the film,in 2012 i got job under the umbrella of then Ogun states government,hospital management board where i held the post of clirical officer and further got new job at SARO agro sciences as a marketer,i later travelled of the country when things is so bad,i love my mom and siblings so much because they are always in my support,i got married February 27 2011 to Kareem Dolapo and having a lovely and wonder baby. Hameerah Adamson.With the glory of God am now the CEO of A_5 GOLD limited and the CEO of A and H entertainmnet .



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