Adam Stagner

My name is Adam Stagner and I am a growing artist in Nashville. Photography has been huge part of my life for about three years now and I continue to strengthen my career everyday. Sports and portraits are my specialty. There's a feeling after anxiously waiting for that decisive moment that insures photography is what I was made for. Never limiting myself, shooting landscapes and everything that presents the " this looks cool so I have to take a picture of it" will always be apart of my photography. My goal when looking through the lens, is to frame what I see in a style that shares a moment in time. Capturing what the world shows me in that moment is what distinguishes my photography above the rest. It's all about framing the moment for me. People express themselves through everything they do. My ambitious work ethic allows me to capture these actions while customizing each photographicexperience for my clients needs. My goal is to produce expressive quality images that give my clients an emotion they won't forget.