Adam Stefanile

Adam Stefanile’s science teaching background dates back to 2000 when he served as a College Assistant Teacher at New Jersey City University. For five years, as part of the Geo-Science Department, he delivered lectures in physical science and geography. During the first year of this employment, he also set up New York State Regents Examinations as Discovery Program Test Coordinator for New York’s College of Staten Island. In addition, from 2003 to 2008, Adam Stefanile worked as a private tutor, working with New York City college students. In this role, he taught physiology and anatomy, as well as genetics and other biological sciences.

During the course of his 10 years of experience teaching at the high school and college levels, Adam Stefanile also instructed students in biology and earth science at Henry Snyder High School and Lincoln High School. At both Jersey City, New Jersey-based high schools, he trained students in proper laboratory techniques. Most recently, Adam Stefanile acted as Head of the Science Department at The Smith School, an institution serving youth in grades 7 though 12. Beyond the responsibilities of educational and administrative oversight, he also taught science courses.

Looking forward, Adam Stefanile seeks to further share his talents with students in junior high, high school, or college. His years of experience, coupled with his advanced education and real-world knowledge, make him fully capable of teaching not only biology, chemistry, and earth science, but also art history and Roman-Renaissance architecture. His familiarity with public speaking further qualifies him for a wide range of positions in these fields.

In 2009, Adam Stefanile obtained his M.A. in Secondary Education of Science from the College of Staten Island in New York. Before that, he earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice from New Jersey City University in Jersey City. He holds both TEST and TESOL certification and is a lifelong resident of New York City.