Adam Steinhardt

Small Business Owner in Adelaide, Australia

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The Kingdom Managing Director Adam Steinhardt

A computer geek originally, dating back to the late 80’s, Adam started Next Byte - at the time Australia’s number one Apple reseller. Adam successfully built a $70 million business in the space of just ten years.

With a wealth of business experience and a real-time, coal-face marketing expert, in 2009 Adam founded The Kingdom.


As a retired Pole Vaulter, I wonder how I ever did it. My journey to an elite, athletic career started as a kid attending Pembroke School in the 80’s.

By just missing the bronze medal in 1990 Commonwealth Games came a determination to work hard for great success.

Training for the Olympics and Starting Next Byte 1995

Whilst training for the Olympic Games, I started a computer retail company, Next Byte. Next Byte would quickly go on to be Australia’s biggest Apple reseller. Using my computer programming skills, I made the choice of being an application developer, or create a retail business using my systems development tools. I chased the retail shop empire option!

As the Managing Director of Next Byte, in 1995 I built the internal marketing department out of the Adelaide head office, created websites, ran the intranet, advertised on radio, press, television, built retail stores, created marketing strategy, wrote copy, developed our digital marketing efforts, while working closely with the Apple Computer Marketing team.

The Apple Australia executive team consulted with me often when determining their Australian marketing strategy.

Marketing Innovation - The Driving Force of Next Byte

I built partnerships, promoted dreams and believed in new ways, creating a company that had marketing and brand management at the core of its engine.

As a leader, I motivated our team to be the best Apple Mac sales organisation of a generation. We won lots of awards, but more importantly we won the hearts and minds of our customers by delivering fantastic customer service.

Founding The Kingdom

In 2009, I founded The Kingdom.

As a keen public speaker, I train our team regularly, making sure their skills are sharp and up-to-date. Ready for our customers evolving marketing, digital, design and advertising needs.