Adam Stoddard

I live in Maryland, but I am from New England

After a few years of off and on research I discovered I am a direct descendant of 6 Pilgrims, who were at the first Thanksgiving, which is also my favorite Holiday. The same ancestors went on to settle Salem, Ma. (Don't ask about the Witches) I also discovered I am related to European Royalty, from "Robert De Bruce, to St. Arnold, to the Merovingian's.

I am an Eagle Scout, which is achieved by less then 2% of all boys who go through scouting. Side note: 11 of the 12 American's to walk on the moon were Eagle Scouts)

While working on my Eagle Scout Project I also managed to play Football at a D1 program. (Same High school as Howie Long).

I was an Elite Wrestler who placed in the State Championships multiple years. Less then 2% of wrestlers make it to the state championship tournaments. (Forbes published an interesting article about why wrestlers make the best employees... Check it out

While in College I joined a Fraternity and took upon multiple leadership roles at the same time, Including Fraternity VP, Student Government Executive Parliamentarian & Class Vice President. It is noted that Fraternity men represent 2% of the male population, and 80% of the executives of the 500 largest corporations in America. Not to mention more than 75% of U .S. Senators are fraternity men.

I never walked at my own college graduation. I was to busy working, and i knew they would just mail my diploma anyways.

A few years ago I got my CFI, Certified Forensic Interviewer, at the time there were only 18 other people in the state of Maryland who had it.

Everybody knows this one... I am originally from Boston.

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