Adam Noble

New York City, New York

My name is Adam Noble I live in New York, NY and I was born in Mount Vernon, N.Y. I am an Emergency Medical Technician and I worked for the City of New York on an ambulance. I have been an EMT since 1999 and have worked in this city since 1999. I enjoy my job but I have also been injured from 9/11 and have had difficulty doing full days of work for a few years now. I was one of the first ambulances on scene on 9/11/2001 and unfortunately have seen a lot of horrible things that day. The first building fell on my vehicle I was only a block away from the WTC and as a result of the building material, now I have respiratory problems. But this hasn't destroyed my passion for life and my second love is music so here we are 5 years later and 9 monthss shy of a Masterds Degree in Entertainment Business and the Start of a new chapter in my life. I love all types of music from Classical to Country, I am very passionate of being a part of the music industry in the role of Manager/ Publisher. I would love to see the dreams of my musical artist come true and I am here to make every effort to see their careers soar. With my Full Sail University Degree I plan to eventually a year from now open my own Music Publishing Co. Ninostreetz Publishing L.L.C..

  • Work
    • music industry
  • Education
    • Bachelors of Science in Entertainment Business