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Adam Urban is the grandson of the famed Vaudevillian Jack Ulmer, an early partner of Bob Hope. He was born and raised in the Midwest- United States and attend the finest schools, educated by the Brothers of the Holy Cross. He spent the last 15 years in the entertainment business, internet and related industries.

He got his start in the nightclub business in Cleveland, Ohio, with his first position as that of co-owner, promoter and also a DJ. Mr. Urban wore many hats in the entertainment scene and was the founder of a multitude of local businesses that reflect his studies in entrepreneurship, including inventing new technology in the tanning industry, working in the field of internet gambling, entertainment transportation, and early website development.

The next phase of his career took a turn across the ocean to Russia for three years, where he worked for Taleon Artists in St. Petersburg, in association with the Presidents Affairs Agency as head of the Anglo-American Music Department. Mr. Urban handled all forms of negotiations, represented and worked in cooperation with talent buyers, record labels, and talent agencies, media buyers from the United States, UK, and Russia to secure acts for concerts and events, negotiating all manners of contracts and management. During this time he also founded "The Agency" and created associated musical groups including "Optical Matrix" from concept to stadium concert for 20,000 fans, including major music television circulation and internet presence.

After three years living in Russia, Mr. Urban moved to Germany where his enterprises in music began to take a more online role, and Mr. Urban began developing websites and related web applications through outsourcing in India and eventually founded his own development company in India, with over 40 employees.

These endeavors led to his project, Uploaded.TV, which Mr. Urban liked to call "TV's first social network" where viewers are encouraged to participate by buying airtime for their self made videos in our TV quality, edited, hosted TV formats. Mr. Urban understands and has experienced the power that television can bring, as well as the successes that can be achieved online through video sharing sites and social networks.

Mr. Urban currenly lives in Florida, works as a conceptual engineer, angel investor, and serial entrepreneur creating concepts and businesses that solve problems and create revenue. Adam's current focus i

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