Adam Vasilakis

Troy, New York, United States

Adam Vasilakis is currently a senior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. He is a product design and innovation major. His major is the only creative design program in a science and technology department. Adam is also studying marketing and electronic arts. He hopes to market some of his current and future designs after he graduates. Some of his designs include: a refined grip for a garden trowel, a park bench with a pergola, a Duco System consisting of hypodermic needles which helps prevent doctors from using the same needle more than once- ideally preventing the spread of disease, headphones made to be used prior to falling asleep, and more designs.

In addition to product design, Adam also has a passion for music- specifically creating synthesized music. His friends initially introduced him and he began borrowing their equipment to create his own music. His friends grew an appreciation for Adam's increasing talent and asked him to play music at parties and other social events. His songs became more polished, diverse, and intense. He began introducing voiceovers too. Adam draws inspiration for his songs from various experiences throughout his life. He continues to develop this beautiful talent. Check out some of Adam's music below.

Adam also started golfing at a very young age and still golfs whenever he has free time. Growing up he participated in many Junior competitions and still follows golf news. Adam blogs about golf news here: if you want to take a gander!

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