Adam Vinsant

Audio Engineer, Web Developer in Florida

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Adam Vinsant (aka Groove Logic) is the owner and chief sound engineer of Groovology Sound Studios, and Web and Audio Engineer for DNB◉UNITED RECORDS. He is a long time producer and DJ who has been a part of the drum and bass music scene since he discovered it in 1998. Once he mastered his DJing skills, he decided that he wanted to know more about how the music he was playing was actually made. Thus, becoming involved in technical music training and production. Through the years, Adam has worked in studios of all sizes and worked with an array of drum and bass artist from around the world. He has worked with almost every DAW on the market, but found a love for Ableton Live and Logic Pro. Being certified in Logic Pro X has helped him not only progress his knowledge and skill, but has given him the ability to show case his mixing and mastering skills by working with many up and coming drum and bass artists. In addition to his technical music background, Adam also has a degree in website development which has opened doors for him to help independent artist not only perfect their sound, but also market themselves in ways that they had not even imagined. Now being a part of DNB◉UNITED RECORDS, Adam is now, more than ever, able to use his array of skills to give back to the drum and bass community that he loves so dearly.

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