Adam Lewkovitz

This is the evolving work of a 28 year old Australian on a journey. A portrait of my identity, talents, reviews, interests and passions. Enjoy!

I wasn't like your average kid dreams about being a superhero or playing sport for his country. That's not to say I didn't love my basketball, cricket or skiing or hurt myself trying to fly – I was just always more interested in the little things. I loved to explore. I climbed trees and thought I was on top of the world. I loved adventure and jumping in puddles. I surfed and learned to juggle. I would venture off on my bicycle to build bases from where I could launch my push for world domination - I was always home in time for dinner.

As I grew older, I developed a love for travel. This passion has taken me all over the world. I travel as often as I can and this has seen me visit every continent except Antarctica. It's also given me plenty of stories to tell and a much longer list of things I want to do and experiences to share. I finished high school and decided to pursue a career in technology. I love innovation and I love my gadgets. I like to think of myself as 'geek-chic.'

I'm a tall, creative and entrepreneurial gentleman now in my third year in New York City. I constantly find myself smiling, laughing and storytelling. Some things about me...I love people watching over a good glass of wine or one of my original cocktails. I love dancing, dogs and good food and music. My iPod would be my luxury item on Survivor but I'll happily pull out the headphones for a good conversation.

Currently, I enjoy wandering the streets of the Village where I live, as much as lounging in Central Park on a Sunday in the Summer, or a late brunch on Saturday [any season]. I'm social, outspoken, mildly quirky and spontaneous. You'll find me on a beach, rolling in snow, trekking in the jungle, sailing on a boat, at a party, bar, club, restaurant or in the cinema.

I graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney with an Information Technology degree and am now solving corporate challenges using technology in New York. I am also an entrepreneur working on a number of startups part time. To learn more about my experience, please click the résumé link above.

Quick Facts:

Favorite Color: Blue
Recent Book: Hartmut Esslinger – A Fine Line: How Design Strategies Are