Adam Williams

Birmingham UK

Hey up!

Who am i?

I'm just about to graduate from Business School and I'm determined not to jump onto the corporate ladder. It just isn't my style. I'm curious and inquisitive. I hate doing stuff if I don't know why I'm doing it- that's half my problem with big clunky organisations.

I'm a sportaholic. Love to psychoanalyse everyone. Always reading. My attention to detail is nigh on obsessive.

What I want to do...

It's simple really, I'm a guy with simple tastes and minimal needs and i'm determined to escape a life involving the endless pursuit of material wealth. I've no interest in accruing a lifetimes worth of possessions. I would like to, however, make an impact.

At present I'm looking to find a Startup whose values align with mine. I want to join a company that values their culture and is focused on making their business better everyday.

What can I do for you?

Sales- Inbound, outbound, whatever bound. I can communicate reasonably well (ok, very well, but that makes me sound like an arrogant tw*t). I'm a peoples person and love to connect and build meaningful relationships. I can communicate the value proposition of a product simply.

Sales, in present day, is about optimising the methods for identifying the customers a product/service is most suited to, and consequently communicating the value that it can bring to them. It doesn't have to be complicated, people make it so.

Customer focus- Nothing frustrates me more than poor customer service or experience.

Get Sh*t done- I'm a problem solver. I'm a good googler. I remember stuff. I ask the right questions. I do the right thing.

What i'm learning right now...

Growth Hacking- I'm really interested in the practice of "Growth Hacking" and learning some of the key skills
At present, I feel like I can think like a GrowthHacker, but I don't have the 'technical' competence to execute these strategies by myself- yet!

HTML & CSS- I REALLY wish I'd been introduced to development earlier but seeing as I wasn't, I'm working my way through the HTML & CSS beginner courses on Codecademy.

Let's connect

If you think I could help you in anyway, want feedback on anything you're working on, just want to say hello, or want to teach me something ... get in touch!

Thanks for reading- you're awesome.



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