Adam Wittig

Kraków Poland

I'm an editor in chief and founder of, a new and innovative, polish web magazine about contemporary technology. The site was created especially for fans of modern tech-solutions, including news, reviews, reportages and many more. In free time I work also as graphic designer and music producer - the reason for this is my huge creativity and many ideas for creating something special, fresh and innovative. That's why I can call myself a media person, maybe even a new world creator (of course, I'm just kidding with the last statement).

My passions are primarily contemporary technology and media, innovative and minimalistic graphic designs, photography and music producing. I'm a big fan of two powerful brands known in the technology market - Apple and Google. They make my life much simpler. I'm a satisfied user of iPhone 5, selected because of its speed, functionality and minimalism, which help me a lot with organizing myself (a lot of people say that it's a waste of money, but I think it's worth the price). And why Google? I work a lot on the computer, mostly using the Internet, so it's obvious that I need fast and functional web browser (Chrome is No1 for me), without forgetting about the mailbox, which is also necessary (gmail).

"Before you become a hero, you will stumble many times. This is the secret of victory." - it's a deep thought, isn't it? This is the main thought in my life and it describes my way of existence. I think people are more satisfied with the goals achieved by hard work and many stumbles than with reaching something, that was very easy and fast to come by. Don't treat this like a lifestyle imposing. It's just my own thought.

What are my goals now? In my personal life my dream is to create a loving family with my fiancee and in future to create a perfect home for my children (in future, because I don't have them yet). My goal in business life is to develop my skills, constant sharing my interests with others and make my web magazine popular (to reach as many readers as I can), because I love to do something for others - it makes me very happy. I will do my best to reach them all.

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