Adam Womersley

Leicester, England, United Kingdom

The quote above is by George Bernard Shaw and I share the exact same view that our dreams and imagination are there for us to create new innovative ideas and exceptional creative work.

I love being creative. In any way possible. It's what i love and what i'd love to do for the rest of my life. I've always written stories from a very young age. Crazy, wierd and unexceptional stories at that, but nontheless i have always loved being imaginative and creating somthing for people to enjoy.

At university in the UK i study English Language and Creative Writing. It's a great course as I can truely let my imagination go wild. I met a friend doing the same course called Graeme Tait. He shares my passion to be creative and entertain people in any way possible. We started by creative short films, sketches and animations. We then took this further to have our own radio show at a local rado station.

I further my creativity by creative interactive stories using programs like Twine and Inform7. I would love to go into video game writing as a career one day as i love writing with the ability to interact with the reader or player.

Feel welcome to ask me any questions, please get in touch. All the best.


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