Adam Womersley

Content marketing, Editor, and Writer in Leicester, United Kingdom

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What is successful marketing?

It’s about getting your brand in front of your future clients and customers. Although it’s not as easy as it sounds.

I won’t devalue the skill of the great marketers who are out there, but in truth, marketing is a skill that can be learnt relatively easily. So why are some brands still running in circles? Well, where marketing can be taught and learnt, creativity and innovate thinking is something innate, and the creative thinking behind marketing is what makes the painful ladder to brand success feel more like an elevator.

As a marketer, the most important question that I ask is “Why?”

Many organisations fall into an endless loop of doing the same things that they have always done simply because they have always done them. It’s my job to ask why and offer the creative injection to make marketing campaigns and strategies worthwhile, both in the digital and printed space.

My history has always been in content production, from audio and film, to copywriting and creative development and it has helped me to really understand the importance and necessity of content marketing. I began working as a marketing executive in 2015 and since, I have been a key and major player in project management, concept development and marketing and promotion for some truly exciting projects.

Web ­– I have liaised with suppliers to build websites, offering a hand in design, managing budgets and deadlines whilst producing the marketing and promotion plan and strategy that, once signed-off by senior team members, I have executed. From there, I managed the content management systems of a handful of websites, including writing and adjusting website copy for fully SEO optimisation and producing fully optimised and engaging content to increase traffic.

eMagazines – I have researched, drafted and edited written and visual content for digital and printed e-Magazines and aided the launch campaign across social media, web and PR.

Audio/Visual – I have worked alongside suppliers to produce brand promotional videos, PR content and audio content to boost and manage performance, developing reports and presenting updates to the rest of the team. Most recently I have been the overseer of The Retail Exchange podcast, in charge of approaching and booking a venue, organising guests, agendas, website design and functionality, launch promotion and audio editing across multiple episodes.

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