Adan Bolden

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Short summary

Over two years of de facto experience as a commercial locksmith in Calabasas, CA. Well-known as being a zealous employee deliverring more than 110% labor in everything.
Always taking on new things to refine my knowledge as locksmith in order to make sure that the clients's apartments and corporations are secure 24/7.
I know how to chat efficiently with a wide range of human beings in complicated situations.

I deliver substantial practice in rekeying, installing and repairing all kinds of locks, including repairing dysfunctional locks including window security products and electronic locks and repair of vehicle door lock.
Known as the residential locksmith in Calabasas, CA, I have carried out thousands tasks that needed a qualified Calabasas locksmith.


Reinstall door locks

Fit almost all keys for door

Emergency locksmith services

Setup almost all transponder keys on spot

Offer emergency locksmith services

Installing locks of all types including digital lock, Simplex lock, and outlet wall safe

Dealing with lockout of any type of car, be it Seat, Ford Focus Wagon, Jeep or any other auto


The Calabasas Locksmith - Calabasas CA (Dec 2009 - Present)

Calabasas Locksmith Company - Calabasas (Jan 2002 - February 2006)

Calabasas branch of Citibank - Calabasas (October 1992 - Nov 1996)