Katie Godles'

Katie Godles'

I'm an Australian dancer/performer/nanny/
dreamer who after a post high school travel gap year (...years) swung back home and managed to pick up my ever so handsome, ridiculously romantic now husband to be. We moved to London 4 years ago mainly for me, fell in love with the city for many reasons, (which obviously don't include the weather) and we managed to stay,and tick off somewhere over 20 extra countries visited...for us.

I've always had eleventy jobs. Variety is the spice of life.

I quit my last "real job" in 2009 back in Toronto, where I served my last table, and got on a plane back home to Australia. I brushed off my old dance roots and started to fall in love with the idea of pursuing performing arts again, so with my EU passport in one hand and the steady hand of my completely loveable other half in the other, we headed toward the bright London lights! (drizzle and white cloud)

It has been a journey far from easy and it took a while for the drab to turn to dreamy, but we found our feet eventually and I managed to find a balance to pursue my training and practice in dance and musical theatre as well as live a non student lifestyle.

The need to eat, drink and be clothed and stable eventually lead me to the wonderful combination of dancing/teaching and working with children which I fell in love with and became an ad-hoc nanny as my solution to flexible and enjoyable work to support my passion.

I'm currently still enjoying training every week on various levels, and whilst I don't perform professionally, London continues to offer me many opportunities to perform to feed the soul, and this soul needs feeding just as much as this body.

I've also loved my adventures with children so much and through word of mouth, I built a network of wonderful families who book me as and when I am available around my regular 3 day family and performing. This network grew out of my own time capacity resulting in the birth of The KatieSitters Club. We're not a nannying agency, just a small team of like minded performers/child carers who offer the same level of loving childcare with sparkle that families receive from yours truly.

I also dabble in personal assisting, social media managing on an ad-hoc freelance level and on top of all that I teach Pole Acrobatics. Yep.

I used to play guitar, I used to write.

Welcome to the endeavour of starting at least one of those again!