Alyssa Daniels

Connecticut USA

My name is Alyssa, 22, full time in the marketing field and full time student. My dream is to become a New York Time's Best Selling Author and every day I come closer to that dream coming true. I want to share my story with anyone and everyone to raise awareness for mental health and the corruption our society faces in terms of treatment and support for those in need of it. I have literally been to hell and back but I am thriving for the first time in my life thanks to an amazing team of doctors and support from those closest to me. My life will always have ups and downs, but who's doesn't? I have found that traditional medicine and medical resources have failed me personally but have found peace in other forms of healing and spirituality. I write every single day of my life and one day soon Redefining Borderline will be in a bookstore near you. There is hope. Even on your darkest days there is a glimmer of light somewhere. You just have to want to find it. It's not easy, but it is possible to do the "impossible" by medical standards and be in full control of your life and life direction. We are all just masses of energy. Energy that we can learn how to control to get the results we want. I have been touched and inspired by so many and I am beyond grateful for all the experiences I have had in this lifetime so far and am greatly looking forwards to all to come, good and bad. I don't regret anything in the past 22 years as even in my darkest, hellish days, I have learned to come out on top and sparkling. I am extremely open and willing to help so if you can relate, have any questions, or even advice, I am all ears. I respond to everyone who contacts me. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and if you have a story to share, don't hold back. Each person's story contributes to this world and the energy present. Share and love.