Numu Nuoret Muslimit

Young Muslims Association (Nuoret muslimit ry) is an organisation that has been founded by active Muslim youth in Finland. Our aim is to refresh and develop youngster on individual and community level.

Our three main goals are to Activate, Strengthen and Unite.

The first objective is to activate young ones on doing the right thing, while they are alone or in a group.
The second objective is to strengthen the identity of young Muslims and to develop team spirit, through which to integrate them into the society as well-balanced citizens.
The third objective is to unite the Muslim community and to bridge the understanding between the rest of the population. We encourage and help youth to participate in all charity, community and government activities. We are also interested in international cooperation. We try to work for the whole of humanity.

To achieve its objectives association carries out announcements and publications, organizes conferences, meetings, training and mentoring opportunities as well as trips to their members, requesting support and funding for its activities from its members and other associations that support associations, the organization of leisure activities, camps and parties for its members, to keep in touch internationally with other associations, may join as a member in a national or foreign associations, which corresponds to the purpose of the association, or is close to it