AdaPia d'Errico

Los Angeles, CA

I work with creators, artists, brands, and startups across the digital media, new media, arts and entertainment landscapes to design innovative, storytelling centric, multi-dimensional brand and franchise development strategies. I bring business acumen to the arts and creative sensibilities to business. I like to see people and companies grow and succeed, and facilitate this success through:

Creative Strategy for brands, startups, and individuals through brand definition, narrative, positioning and communication, strategic partnerships, brand extensions, licensing, and franchise development;

Business Development for any business at any stage through inspired deal brokering, talent identification, intellectual property acquisition, product development, management and creative direction;

Integrated Marketing that is always ahead of the trends through growth hacking, viral and guerilla campaigns, fan outreach and audience building, and whatever bold new techniques produce measurable results. Specializing in brand narrative for iterative startups and founders.