Why only numerology I have chosen ??I am practicing numerology from the last 10years.I learned it when i was doing engineering and start it with my own.At that time i met so many top most numerologist and all of them said that i may become good numerologist,but they don't know that I am already practicing it.I am thankful to one of the top most numerologist who appraised me a lot and motivated too.

From the last year 10 years lots of people gets benefited with me as numbers do wonders for everyone.I always says to my client that while doing marriage of their sons and daughter they must check the compatibility before finalization as i personally feel it is very helpful for their lives.

I have observed very closely that many people do their marriage by matching their horoscope and despite this their life become worst and when analyzed by numerology,it shows there is no compatibility.I also have a good knowledge of astrology but i only do numerology as both are same and different too.

Many people don't know but its true Numerology do help in health related problems along with career,job,love ,marriage,finance,family matters.

I have developed a new method for compatibility check based on numerology and it is very accurate as i am doing it from the last so many years.

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