Adasha Knight

Beaumont, Texas

I believe I'm a gypsy at heart who believes you only have one life, and you should fill it by doing everything you can possibly do. Doing one thing and living in one place your entire life is something unimagineable to me. There are so many options, places, professions, opportunities - and I want to experience them all.

I have a college degree and have had several careers including being a hairstylist, teacher, paralegal, public information officer, investigator, supervisor, live-in nanny, and the list goes on. I like change. I like learning new things. I like finding a place that needs me and my skills and making positive changes.

I have been married and divorced and prefer to be single. I like my personal space, but like others to be within reach if need be. I don't know if I'll ever meet Mr. Right, and that's okay for the most part. At times I wish I had that person to share my day with, share good news with, hold me when I cry, but those times pass quickly and I'm reminded again how much I enjoy my space. Maybe I could get married and have my own room? Who knows.

I have three amazing children who I hope consider me a good mom, despite my downfalls in parenting over the years. I want to teach them everything and tell them everything, warn them of everything bad, protect them from pain, but let them see the path right to it so they don't go there again. I want them to be all they can be in life and be happy doing it. I have a grand daughter who is my little angel. She is such a mix of my daughters that it amazes me the way DNA passes on. I hope I do a good job as a grandmother and teach her about life, as I try with my children.

I have a few true friends who are necessary to my existence on this earth. Each serves a purpose and they all complete my circle. I have a strong, amazing mom who, despite our past differences, is a person I finally understand since my children are grown and have put me through what I did to her. She taught me so much, mainly independence and how to do and fix everything myself. I thank her for that the very most. She just survived an aneurysm and 18 days in the hospital, but still jumps in the car and comes when I need her. She's amazing.

My mind is always working, here, there, everywhere. Even with A.D.D. medication, I'm still random. I have so many things I want to say, do, write down, and I carry little notebooks with me where I keep my lists. I've done

  • Work
    • Contracted Jobs for Writing and Expert Witness
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science Degree in Education