Priyanshu Adathakkar

Central Ohio

Priyanshu Adathakkar

Central Ohio

As President of Hamilton Commerce Realtors Priyanshu uses his experience to represent tenants and landlords in evaluating facilities and real property decisions in leasing and purchasing. Hamilton Commerce clients include tenants, landlords and investors.

Responsibilities include:

►Understand client needs and provide appropriate commercial real estate plans

►Show properties after thorough research and examination

►Prepare collaborating and specific documentation

►Identify new commercial sites opportunities

►Monitor and control relevant real estate transactions

►Maintain liaison with other brokers

►Develop marketing strategies in order to increase listing of commercial properties

►Meet clients and arrange for a trip to the site

►Stay in touch with the market trends and identify new investment opportunities in commercial sites

►Coordinate with banks for financing commercial projects

►Negotiate on terms and conditions with clients

►Schedule personnel interviews, provide trainings, and motivate new joiners

Scope of Services Includes:

✓ Understanding Owners Objectives and Maximize Asset Value

✓ Consultative Brokerage and Lease/Sale Negotiations

✓ Market Research and Expansive Industry Knowledge

✓ Tenant/Landlord Representation

✓ Investment and Portfolio Management Services

✓ Commercial Property Acquisition/Disposition

✓ Re-Development and Development Services

✓ Valuation and Broker Opinions of Value

✓ Site Section Services

✓ Property and Project Management

✓ Land Acquisition

✓ 1031 Exchanges