Ayana Davis

"Failure is not an option when success is your destination." I have fought many battles to win the war. I am Ayana Nneka Davis, a 19 year old Junior at the illustrious North Carolina Central University. I graduated from Lenoir County Early College High School. My major is Broadcasting, Mass Communication, although I am also interested in public relations. I was the Public Relations Officer of G.E.M. Community Council. Ever since I can remember, success has been my ultimate goal. I strive to be on top in everything I do, although I may not succeed all the time it just makes me try harder. I have overcome many trials to get to this point and I will jump over any hurdles hindering me from achieving my future goals. I plan to work as an entertainment reporter, as well as, start my own public relations firm called Public Lifestyle. I will be attending graduate school, and one day obtain my Ph.D. Remember me because one day soon I will be on your television screens.

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