Adavo Letting

Adavo Lettings specialise in providing luxury shared accommodation for students, professionals and key-workers in the north of England. By focusing on the top end of the market Adavo Lettings have carved out a niche for themselves and their investors, dealing with only top-end properties which generate maximum profit for landlords and offer tenants premium accommodation at affordable prices on a room by room basis. Adavo Lettings carefully select properties which are situated close to the target market, which may be a university campus, hospital or centre of commerce. The Adavo Lettings properties are then renovated and advertised to appeal specifically to this chosen target audience.

Adavo Lettings are able to purchase most of their properties at a percentage lower than the current market value, by paying cash and occasionally by purchasing properties where more than routine maintenance work needs carrying out. After purchase Adavo Lettings send in their in-house team of experts to fully renovate the property, including fitting modern kitchens and bathrooms throughout and furnishing and decorating each room to a high standard. Once the renovation procedure is complete Adavo Lettings can sell the property on to one of their investors and begin to advertise. Adavo Lettings advertise in the local area and also through key websites such as and

The properties Adavo Lettings specialise in are large Victorian town houses. These benefit from spacious, airy bedrooms and large windows throughout. Once Adavo Lettings have fitted the contemporary kitchen and bathrooms the property becomes highly desirable, with plenty of space in both the private rooms and common areas. This desirability coupled with the carefully chosen locations means that Adavo Lettings are able to offer a 90% occupancy guarantee year on year at premium rents, generating maximum income for landlords.

The friendly and professional team at Adavo Lettings are on hand every step of the way, from initial purchase through renovation right up to sale and even beyond. This makes Adavo Lettings the ideal choice for first time investors and for those looking to increase their property portfolio without increasing their workload. The Active Management Package from Adavo Lettings offers armchair investors the prime opportunity to branch out into the property market without hav