Adavo Property

Adavo Property are based in the north of England and specialise in the purchase, renovation, rent and sale of properties for multiple occupancy for investors. Each Adavo Property is situated in a prime location for renting on a room by room basis. This generates maximum profits for the investor whilst still providing affordable premium accommodation for tenants. The typical profit per annum for an Adavo Property investor lies at between 7% and 10% after all costs have been covered. Adavo Property are also able to guarantee a 90% occupancy at premium rent year on year, ensuring the continued generation of income.

The Adavo Property service model begins with the seeking out of premium locations. This includes areas within walking distance of universities, hospitals and business centres. Once a location has been deemed suitable, Adavo Property search for properties which can be purchased at a lower rate than the market value. The new Adavo Property is then renovated to not only meet all regulations but also to exceed market standards, creating attractive accommodation which can be let at a premium rate. For investors the income from renting such a property room by room ranges from £871 for a three-bed property right through to £2,322 for an eight-bed residence.

Due to the low values of property in today’s market now is the ideal time to invest in an Adavo Property. Not only will the property generate cash income on a month by month basis throughout the period of investment, but the likelihood of being able to sell in several years for a higher value than the purchase price is high. The typical value purchase price of an Adavo Property is between £100,000 and £250,000, and the average ROI stands at around 15% today.

Each Adavo Property is fitted with a spacious, modern kitchen and bathroom, and takes full advantage of the large, airy bedrooms typical of a Victorian terraced residence. With attractive communal areas and spacious private rooms an Adavo Property proves highly attractive even in a competitive market. Those who choose Adavo Property for their investments do so knowing this is one of the most secure income generating packages available in the UK.