Asanda Dayile

Despatch Eastern Cape

I am an enegetic vibrant individual who is very much interested in community development. I have always loved people and in 2011 I developed a passion for working with people towards the development of South Africa as a whole.

I love life and I love working with people, I live to serve people, I have so many innovative plans to develop our communities, through working together, our social problems can become possibilities. I think that there is a lot that needs to be changed in South Africa and the change begins within us. we should not wait on goverment in order to get results, we need to do things for ourselves, goverment cannot spoon feed everyone, it is our responsibility to make the best of our own lives. I as an individual I want to make a change to how people do things, change the way they act by educating them, developing my life and other peoples lives. I am outspoken, I have the ability to motivate and engage with others peacefuly.
I am a self confident, persuasive and dedicated person with a strong ability to lead and work with a team. I possess strong communication and management skills, which I gained in my involvement in community work experiences.

I am very passionate about life itself, I value people so much that I want to bring about change in young South Africans, changing their mentalities and providing opportunities that will bring hope for the future. I am passionate about success, I want to liv in a world where we can all be proud of therefore I want to be part of activate leadership so that I will use this opportunity allow us to use each other’s life experiences to develop each other. Provinding guidance, accountability, and support to those who need it.
I love nature and people, I am also very passinate about food security in South Africa, I want people to grow their own vegetables and through that poverty will be aliviated.

feel good about myself, I am very positive about where I am going in my life. I am at peace with the achievements that I have in my life and I believe that I can use my life as a driver to motivate young South Africans to live their lives the best way possible

  • Education
    • I studied Btech Agricultural Management at NMMU