Nicole Graziano

So you want to know about me? Where to begin... As you have probably already figured out, I am a wife to an amazing hubby (no, he didnt force me to say that) and I am also a mother to a wonderful little man. My hubby and I were married for four years before we decided to have a kid and Im so glad we waited! Neither of us realized how much work was involved in raising a kid! And they are defiantly not cheap!

I work a full time job as a Medical Laboratory Technician for a private company. Im also a full time wife and mom, house keeper, clothes washer, diaper changer, bath maker, mail getter, NOT a spider killer, just pretty much an ordinary always busy wife/mom. I love my life, my family means everything to me.

PS. My background and profile picture (hubby in the pic) were taking by me :) Thats right, I've been to Rome and I LOVED it!!