Adam Bertram

Evansville, Indiana

Personaly, I'm married to my wonderful wife Miranda and have a daughter, Ella. We happily live in Indiana where we live a pretty normal, comfortable life; nothing real fancy yet not struggling either. This is just the way I like it.

I'm a believer in constant improvement in everything. I embrace automation and increases in efficiencies. I'm independent. I firmly dislike any kind of professional structure and would much rather wear a pair of cargo shorts rather than khakis.

I love technology of all kinds. Microsoft, Linux, Cisco, web development, Apple; they all have their place and I've embraced them all. I'm logical, detail-oriented and although a task might take a little longer you know it’ll be done right.

I have a passion for entrepreneurship. I always have some kind of side hustle going on. I can't sit still. I must always have a project I'm working on. I'm not the type to sit on the couch and chill. I don't know how to chill.

  • Work
    • Keller Schroeder & Associates
  • Education
    • University of Southern Indiana
    • Keller Graduate School of Management