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Adcess is a Chinese digital marketing strategy and services business in Australia. They offer ways to connect Chinese speaking audiences in Australia and China with their data and insights, and a myriad of digital strategies and services. With over 1 million Chinese people currently residing in Australia, and 1.39 billion people living in mainland China, Adcess is determined to close the gap between languages, cultures, and ultimately, people.

WeChat, Weibo and Baidu are the main social platforms Adcess works with. Australian businesses can choose to advertise products or services on WeChat or Weibo, and make their presence known on Baidu, the preferred search engine. The Chinese speaking SEO and SEM team have the ability to optimise the websites of English speaking businesses by creating Chinese keywords for the Chinese audience. Don’t let any barriers get in the way of your business being visible on Chinese platforms!

The talented team also offer digital marketing strategy services, to help Australian businesses understand their Chinese target market, and Chinese graphic design services which include website design, landing pages and company profiles. To trial a solution or to enquire further about Weibo marketing, WeChat marketing, Chinese search engine and more, get in touch with Adcess.

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