ADconnect is an Amsterdam based start-up that is going to change the way audiences interact with content and the ads that help pay for it. We are currently working on two consumer products that will integrate content and advertising more naturally. We believe that interrupting someone's favorite TV show with pre-rolls, banners and commercial breaks are not a great way to make consumers aware of the advertisers that pay the bill. ADconnect does things differently: before someone sees an ad, we find out who the viewer is. We target ads as specifically as possible to ensure the highest conversion rate. But we do not stop there; we make sure the viewer or reader will actually see the ad by integrating it into their content.

For the past two years, a small team of very dedicated people have been working on a new way to incorporate advertising and interactive options into traditional video content. The technology is almost up and running so the time has come for us to build a larger data driven engine that will fuel our products.

To complete our team of ambitious people we are looking for:
-Data analytics experts
-Cloud computing gurus
-Front-end developers

Please feel free to send an email to to apply!

Be advised that on sunny days we go skateboarding in the park, and regular physical activities like sports or competitive drinking are part of our corporate identity.