Tony Davis

Now mostly retired and living, in winter, in Wengen Tony Davis provides support and asistance to help businesses gain greater benefit from their web sites.

With more than 40 years experience this experienced IT troubleshooter now provides support for social marketing and intelligent web design.

Value for money is key. The initial consultation is always free. Subsequent work is paid to reflect the benefit to the business after an initial small setup fee.

addACUMEN began life in 1998 with involvement in web design for a number of English and French businesses and individuals.

It transformed into a consultancy in 2004 when it provided advice and support to UK government and local authority bodies, French local government groups and Ernst & Young.

Now working less the focus changed. addACUMEN is now a small team of talented internet designers and developers. Led by Tony Davis, this international group helps businesses benefit more from their web investment.

Many small businesses do not receive value for money from their service providers.

If you do not benefit from addACUMEN's work we do not get paid.

You do not need to know geek speak to succeed on the internet.

You run your business, addACUMEN runs your web site to make your business better.

addACUMEN publishes a daily summary of important internet topics as Intelligent Web Design