Merle Silver

Behind every great product is a story…here is the story behind Addiction Fitness.

The Addiction workouts are the design of Merle Silver who is a vibrant and energetic fitness professional who had dedicated her life to helping people get into and stay in peak physical shape.

On Valentine’s Day 2008, Merle’s life was forever changed. She was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She was working out every day, raising a family and felt great, so the diagnosis came as a complete shock to her and her family.

As many others have asked when faced with a life threatening challenge Merle asked the obvious questions: “How did this happen? How is this going to affect my family? How will I get though this and will I survive?” Her life would soon consist of endless doctors’ visits, surgeries, drugs, nausea and stress. Over the next several months Merle endured a double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery and 18 weeks of Chemotherapy.

However, as difficult as the surgery, chemo and recovery was on Merle, one of the most difficult things for her was the doctors telling her that she might not be able to continue teaching kickboxing and group exercise at the intensity level she had become renowned for. Merle knew if she was going to survive cancer that was attacking her body and the intense chemotherapy treatments every 3 weeks, she would need to keep her body in peak condition and maintain a very healthy lifestyle. She needed to step up her game and meet this challenge head-on.

Over the next several months the chemo would knock her out for a full week, but she would be right back the next week teaching her fitness classes as if nothing had changed. She knew instinctively she needed to challenge herself and make the training more intense than ever. She became more disciplined about her nutrition and her body became her laboratory. And her long time clients became her willing test subjects for the new improved workouts she was developing.

Merle began experimenting with different exercises and combining them in new and unique ways. The results were nothing short of amazing! Her body was becoming stronger than ever and her doctors could not believe the speed in which she recovered. The human body is truly an amazing gift and given proper exercise and nutrition can be strengthened beyond our expectations.

Within just a few weeks of starting the “new” workout her students were telling her how “addicted” they were to this new wo