Addison Mason

Playing a piece of music is a lot like just being a person. You have to start slow, and sometimes it feels impossible. You have to make decisions, and spend countless hours trying to change things that desperately want to stay the way they are. Spending countless hours reimagining the tiniest of things until they finally begin to make since. But also like merely existing, playing music is more rewarding than anything else on this earth. You almost never pull it off just right, but it still never ceases to feel amazing. Musicians have this habit of projecting their life into whatever they play, regardless of their performance medium, the piece itself is only a skeleton for whatever a performer has to say, much like the words we use everyday as people. Being a performer is about connecting with yourself in a way that ordinary people do not. Being a performer is about learning how you function mentally and spiritually, and understanding what makes you tick. Being a performer is about understanding that you have something to say, and how you want to say it. Being a muscian is about tapping into an unaltered, and untampered with art form, and letting it express who you are as a person, and at some point, allowing performing and living to become one in the same thing.