Addison Henson

21 year old looking to find what he wants to do with the rest of his life but needs a part time, or full time job to earn money until then.
I started gymnastics at age 6. I was watching the 1996 Olympics when I first became interested in the sport. While watching the men's gymnastics I looked to my mom and said "I can do that" my mom shook her head like I was crazy, but right in front of her I imitated a skill I saw on TV although the skill I saw was a back handspring and the skill I did was a back walkover my mom was impressed because it was my first try and with no prior lessons. I started into a local gym, called Shooting Stars Gymnastics at the time located in Hickory, NC, shortly after, but didn't start competing until I was 8 years old because up until that point the gym did not offer a boys team. The boy's team program at that gym folded after 2 years. I decided with my mom's support to look for another gym and found a great one, called C&B Flipforce at the time, which is now just called Flipforce and is and was located in Kernersville, NC. I competed with that gym for 3 years. Then a gym back in Hickory decided to start a boys program I competed there for 3 years and in 2005 won the State Champion title. After that I reached a level that the gym was not able to help me push further so I look for a new gym and came across G & J Speedway in Concord, NC. I competed there for a year and had an awesome year. Then the friend my mom and I car pulled with got a stress fractures through their spine ending their gymnastics career. We couldn't commute any longer. My mom took a job here at Cornerstone Pediatrics, and I went to Ragsdale High School. I did not compete that year. The next summer my dad called and want me to live with him for a year in Lenoir, NC, and offered to pay for me to be back in gymnastics I competed that year being first returning out of shape but by the end of the year winning a most improved trophy that my coach gave an inspiring speech for. Thus ending my gymnastics career of 10 years as far as competing goes, ending at competing at level 10 which is the level right under elite, and elite level is the college/olympian level. I still workout at the gymnastics and cheer leading gyms that I know maintaining my skills and working to learn new ones as well.