Gabriel Pangardi

Web Developer in São Paulo, Brazil

AddMySnapNow is a huge community of over 25 thousands snapchatters for those people who want more followers on snapchat, meet new people and make new friends.

Once a member of the community you will be posted on our pages publicly to our community and to all who access our pages. Our weekly outreach (unique visits) is approximately 4,000 users and growing!

From this you should notice a relative increase in your number of followers on snapchat, it being up to you to choose to add them back or not!

There’s different ways to be part of the community:

If you want to join by inviting friends this is what you need to do:
- Tell your friends to buy a shoutout or the monthly subscription
Each 2 paying friends you gain a shout-out for free
- After they make the payment you must send a e-mail to with the name of your paying friends (same as on their paypal account) and your snapcode.
A picture of yourself is optional but it may help to increase the numer of snapchatters that will add you.

If you need a quicker join you can buy a shout-out or the monthly subscription. For this you’ll only need to access this page, select the service that you want to purchase and make the payment.
After the payment (up to 24 hours max.) we gonna send you a e-mail (to the one associated to your paypal account) telling the next steps that’s basically send us your snapcode and a picture of yourself (optional).

When you buy the monthly subscription, your snapcode is shared 4 times a month. It’s cheaper than just buying the shout outs.

By buying only the shout outs you can choose better how many times your snapcode is shared since we only sell one or 2, 5, 9 and 12 packages.

Do you have a doubt? Please contact us through our e-mail we’ll be happy to answer all your questions!