Abena Addo

Abena Addo is an Artist, qualified Teacher, and has just started up an online gallery to showcase a unique and Diverse take on the 'art world'. You can find the site at www.artYesart.com. where you can get a fuller appreciation.

UPDATE.....The website is still a work in progress as it is an organic process but it has developed significantly. It is an intergenerational space to highlight a variety of artists of quality in a non overly judgemental environment. To exhibit on this site you can come from any background. It is mainly for visual artists, but we also highlight unique acts like Ty, Oracy and Nyika and The People. Catch them in 'The Vermillion Lounge' ...a dedicated area on the site.

Our artists are from in their twenties to late seventies. I have just taken delivery of our first run of postcards. I have a unique way of being able to facilitate this. Ask me how. "lf you would like to showcase your own page on this site, contact me via my Facebook pages."

There is a small fee involved. You can also contact us on Twitter where a recent Tweet was made 'Favourite' by the CEO, no less!" Passionate about Black Art, she is in the process of establishing an online gallery to cater for this sector.

UPDATE...Above mentioned site is called www.blackartcity.com. The Facebook page is Black Art City.com. This site focuses on African Diaspora artists, whilst the one above is for everyone. Particularly interested in artists who are different. Diaspora can be wherever in the world through both or one parent.

I want both sites because there is a need for an indepth visual analysis around images of black people in the postcolonial era. Equally, we are in one world so should also br able to coexist in the same space, whilst maintaining our individuality.

The above projects have been my focus for a while but I am about to embark on some exciting individual work which I will be featuring on the sites above. .