Jim Killerion

Safer it away they are in and just a couple seconds if you're using the appropriate instrumentation you really think I'm having the reline just opening up a big on having emulsify and break down all the tissues inside his is unrealistic there's too much with a call apical percolation too many veins if you will the at the tip of the tooth into too many areas of anastomosis or connection. Areas in between the canals that you can never hit with the file that you have to get to those wings because from those wings have other connection areas and that's really what you're relying on your chemistry you don't have to try to get through a millimeter or two of tissue that's in these areas because the natural anatomy of the tooth is either you'll because the tooth. Maybe flat ribbon shaped or ovoid with those little areas that go north and south are EEO mesial the store buckling will depending on the tooth and what what can our talking about you know it's it's interesting you have to get those cider is a tissue mechanically with the file because you're still relying on millimeters of tissue that can never be touch.