Addriana Montalvo-Andujar

Small Business Owner, Public Speaker, and Life Coach in New Jersey

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About Me

Visionary, Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Momentum Strategist, and Purpose Driven Clarity Coach partnering with you in a learning journey and self-discovery towards living your truest life ever.


Addriana has made living on purpose non-negotiable. Through her career positions and life seasons, she has honed her spiritual gifts, strengths and passions and in turn she is fulfilling the call and purpose for her life – to be a “Body (of Christ) Builder!”. Through sheer will, strength and taking purposeful steps she overcame years of domestic violence. She has spoken in various events and audiences have responded to the understanding that every difficulty is an opportunity in disguise. She has over 20 years of experience in coaching and training. As a coach, she work collaboratively with her clients to find solutions because Addriana believes the client is naturally creative and resourceful. As your purpose clarity coach she walks alongside each person that crosses her path and helps bring clarity, value, and a newfound purpose. Addriana brings her own life experiences, and years of mentoring and coaching teens and women into her unique coaching style that will resonate with anyone’s current level strength. She is a graduate of Thomas Edison State University as well as a graduate of The NJ District School of Ministry. As a Life Coach she is certified through The Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute and mentored by Valorie Burton. With this full life Addriana is a lover of laughter, so your see in her turbulent times, fear stole her purpose, however laughter reinvented it!!!