Ade Adewunmi

Ade is a digital doer who likes to consider the bigger picture. Her background in electrical engineering, then product strategy and standards setting in telecoms have left her well placed to create pragmatic policy that is designed for implementation. At the Government Digital Service (GDS) since the beginning, she’s been at the heart of the development of the next phase of the UK government's digital transformation: Government as a Platform.

Strategy is done differently in a fast-moving, agile culture like GDS. As Strategic Advisor to the GDS Executive Director, Mike Bracken, Ade Adewunmi is central to GDS’s emergent strategy approach: that only by prototyping is it possible to create digital products and services in a way that match the realities of delivery. And that just like digital services, strategies need to be iterated.

Crushing her father’s dream that she would be a self-made multimillionaire by the age of 30, Ade is committed to civic tech and the notion of Software as a Public Service. She’s a school governor, and has almost certainly seen more episodes of The Good Wife than you.