Adebayo Ayeolowo

Designer in Lagos, Nigeria

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Hi there,

I’m Adebayo. I’m a graphic designer living in Lagos, the largest metropolitan city in Nigeria. I graduated from Federal University of Technology Akure, Ondo, Nigeria. Initially I chose to study Mining Engineering and I did but later got an interest in graphic design during my second year while in the University.

There was a spark of passion when one day while traveling to Igbokoda, my home town in South-west Nigeria, I saw a billboard with a wonderful design and I wonder how was this created and I thought about this for long until I saw someone design an image and putting text around that image. Since then I have researched and developed the skill to a professional level. I have worked with and for several organizations and private individuals.

Over the years, I have worked on projects with creative organizations and many exceptional Startups. I developed concepts that people find extremely unique and creative and they are very pleased with it. I’m always happy when I see my clients smile and feel satisfied.

Design is a way nature express its beauty and creativity. The philosophy I hold dearly is that imaginations are our source of creativity and everyone is born with this wealth of potentials and with it you can do anything. My belief about a good design is that of self-expression. Good design should be unique and must be able to speak for itself without confusing the audience. It must pass the information its represent. It boils down to concepts creation and color usage to represent your brand anytime, anywhere and in any media form. I put into heart the end users when working on any design project.

I always got a lot of inspirations while in the ‘closet’, when taking a stroll and also from nature. I love design and challenges it brings and the wonderful people I encounter every day. It has made me, who I am today. In addition to my journey as a graphic designer, I also have passion for Photography and Storytelling especially the folk tales and fictions, writing and entrepreneurship.

Thanks for your time.