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adebola adeola

Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Web Developer in Lagos, Nigeria

adebola adeola

Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Web Developer in Lagos, Nigeria

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I am a big dreamer and eternal optimist. I believe anything is possible.

I often wonder what life is about, if there's more to it than procreation. I have many such questions, yet unanswered. In the interim, I figured the only thing worth pursuing is happiness, but is happiness possible if people in your life are not happy? So I figured life should be about making other people happy... and then what?

When I'm not thinking about life and its eccentricities, I think about work and for now, work is Topup Genie. I'm the Co-founder and CEO. Topup Genie is a platform that makes purchasing airtime (voice minutes) for multiple phone lines, and renewing utility subscriptions convenient.

Yes I am pursuing happiness for others and myself through Topup Genie.

I believe business is easy and its laws are simple. Keeping to them however requires hard and smart work, and perseverance - those qualities are hard to attain. My strengths are ideating - if it can be considered one, strategizing, and planning. I also make a driven, persevering go-getter when part of a team. I'm a decent front end web developer.

I love music and I love to dance, not that I'm particularly good at it; I just don't mind looking the fool. I'm usually up for a good game of basketball and karaoke, and again, I'm not necessarily the best at either - its more about the fun for me.

I'm yet to have the night out of my life but it's in the making; I can feel it. I love to travel.