ABOUT ME: A positive and Innovative thinker, with initiative and the ability to positively influence others.

WORK SUMMARY: Business Manager (62 Technologies), IT Training Coordinator (INFOHUB), IP Trainee (MTS First Wireless).

SPECIALITIES: IT Service Management, Project Management, Software Development , Database Creation and Administration, Web Design and Development, Internet, Computer Networking and Hardware

EDUCATION: Obafemi Awolowo University (Computer with Economics), Ile-Ife,Osun State,Nigeria. Lagos State Polytechnic (Computer Science),Ikorodu,Lagos State Nigeria. Anglican Grammar School, Ilorin-Kwara State, Nigeria. Debo Nursery and Primary school, Ifako-Ijaye,Lagos State, Nigeria.

CONTACT: E-MAIL:oluwaseyeadejimi@yahoo.com / oluwaseyeadejimi@gmail.com

MOBILE NUMBER: 2348060798415 /

SOCIAL NETWORK: http://www.facebook.com/opeyemi.adejimi