adeoluwa adekanmi

Lagos, Nigeria

I'm a big shot in the making(thats one thing you should know: God willing)

I''m down to earth and humorous and it just happen to make people laugh but cant make a living out of it, not to that extent. Lol! Initially, i cared a lot about what people said about me but it was getting me slowed down so i had to take stands and cared less about what people said(guess that was when i started growing up). I don't believe in wasting time, i just do what i have to do, thats the ideal me, but the real me at times do somethings late but not late enough to make me regret. I take close checks on consequences bfore taking any action.

Partially believe in the popular saying that "nothing happens that was not meant to be" I believe we as human beings are responsible for our own future.
I like people who realize they make their own future.
i strongly believe in right people being in the right places, doing what you are naturally cut out to do, doing what you have the natural talent to do and this entails discovering the real you. This would enhance maximum performance during the course of study and also during the actual practice of your profession.

You cant call me a bookworm, people tell me that, but i don't think so cuz what can you say of a guy who reads only when he's got a test or exam? your answer determines that though!
I tend to be able to put up with any kind of individual, think i have a high tolerance for people, guess that was borne out of my initial tendency to please people.(i stopped that now, you cant please everyone).
get on good terms with a lot of people, don't have enemies or so i think.
Hate confrontations with people especially when it seems like a fight and I've sometime fought someone physically, not anymore though, cant get the reason, maybe I'm gonna start someday again; if need be. Lmao!
I'm a deep thinker and hate being emotional (really hate it, though might not be able to help it).
I have a "ideal" me which is quite different from the real me. at times i do some things and i feel like spanking myself.
what we all pray for is to do things according to our heart desires. It would have been cool if it was that easy.
I think what growing up means is to stand up to do those things which you believe.
BUT, if I'm to be rated, i would get a 72%! thats an A!
Hey! you're knowing too much about me than it is safe, meet me if you're interested in knowing mor

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