Adel Elaraby

Director, Architect, and Consultant in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Adel Elaraby, CTO , FounderMr. Elaraby has Founded a series of IT companies all over the world, starting from Cairo Egypt in 1990’s (Top Aid), then in Canada then starting companies in US, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Africa. Mr. Elaraby has believed in the business to business (B2B) model to facilitating the needs of businesses to solutions that facilitate automation of information technologies into their core business. Mr. Elaraby believe that business has to focus on the core cash focus and leave automation to consultancy expertise, in logistics and transportation. Working with United States Postal Services (USPS) in multiple projects for Stamp fulfilments, Bulk Mail Automation, Warehousing, Asset management, Self-service and mobility gave AHCC and Mr. Elaraby’ employees great hands on utilization of their expertise in massive enterprise solutions for heaving transportation and logistical companies in the world, with fleet over 220,000 vehicles and over 42 thousand location USPS is very unique mega logistical enterprise with highest security demands. With over 20 years in the IT business solutions Mr Elaraby has lead the company to have full offering of solutions ranging from small warehouse to largest enterprise in the fields of Postal, courier management, Banking, airports, transportation, ports,With increasing demands in emerging markets for automation Mr. Elaraby’s group of companies AHCC, ITEG, Elite IT (EII), Future Smart Solutions have invested in horizontal and vertical expansions to penetrate, transportation, oil & gas, agriculture, banking and education verticals taking AHCC into new challenging markets with higher risk however higher potentials.The uniqueness of AHCC (the consulting arm of the group) is that nothing is considered with Mr Elaraby’s background of Computer science, computer hardware and masters in Industrial Engineering from Canada has enabled the focus of his companies into an integration niche where most of companies fail to deliver fully integrated solution with legacy systems. AHCC has managed to blend solution containing Microsoft, Oracle and SAP with hardware integration for different clients.Mr. Elaraby took AHCC into new scope with collaboration into factory automation and process optimization where utilization of lean six sigma consultants and SCADA integration to have greater return on investment for visibility of operations to his clients.AHCC has even developed solution for airport security for suspect baggage t