Adel Mohamed

Digital Marketing and CRM Manager in Doha, Qatar

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-Adel Mohamed (AdelSocializer) is a Digital Marketing Specialist with a passion for teaching people New Technologies.

-My Vision:
Every Person has the ability to Present His/her (Self | Ideas | Company | Organization) Online to the World.

-My Mission:
1-Discovering and developing new strategies in digital marketing.
2-Teach and Train People on the digital marketing effective and professional strategies.
3-Offer the Best Tools | Records | Videos | Books about Digital Marketing.

-During the last 2 years I years I have involved with Digital Marketing, I started to gain a lot of experience in:
-Social Media Marketing: Optimize, Monitor, Maintain and lead platforms (Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | Google+ | YouTube…etc)
-Email Marketing: Lists Creator, Creative input, Development, Running, Results and campaign.
-Video Marketing: Creating, Editing, Keyword and description optimizing | Video Campaigns.
-Content Marketing: Content Creation and management.
-SEO: Website, blog, and social platform (social search) optimization aimed at improving search results.
-Online Branding: Brand Representation in different forums and communities.
-Ads: AdWords, AdSense, PPC, CPA, CPM, PPV.

“Those Who Are Happiest Are Those Who Do the Most for the Others”
Booker T.Washington

-Before 2 Years My Laptop Mouse Arrow stopped at this quote, this prompted me to think about it too much, and I decided to try the voluntary life. I joined a lot of NGO’s and Student Activity and leading different Digital Marketing teams.

I have helped different organizations in building Digital Marketing System from scratch | by Developing online service strategy to attract best customers, and Building online Brand.

Mob: 010 009 289 66 – 012 110 911 61
Google It: Adelsocializer

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  • Education
    • Graduate
    • Ain Shams University
    • Faculty of Arts
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