Adelaide Meditation

Transcendental meditation is one of the most popular techniques of becoming attuned with your inner self through various techniques popularized by the famous Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, well-known for being the spiritual advisor of the Beatles at some point in his complex life dedicated to spreading his meditation techniques and messages.

The Maharishi’s life and work has inspired the people working at the Maharishi Invincibility Centre in Adelaide, Australia. This centre is committed of putting forward the ideas and spiritual legacy of the renowned Yogi in order to help people of all walks of life prosper in various areas of their personal, professional and spiritual development by reverting to the ancient Vedic principles and traditions concerning the practice of Transcendental meditation.

The teachers at the Maharishi Invincibility Centre in Adelaide, Vladimir and Heather Lorenzon have 33 over years of experience in teaching these ancient techniques, and have been initiated into their secrets by the Maharishi himself, so those looking for an authentic meditation experience can trust them. They provide courses and products that are in one way or another related to Vedic tradition, from courses on all its aspects (architecture, agriculture, music) to various types of tea that go well with these practices. For those who live in Adelaide and want to get acquainted with this ancient art of combining mind, body and soul into one harmonious and stress-free entity. This is not necessarily a religion or a philosophy, so it can simply be taken as a relaxed state of mind, which can be reached with something as simple as 15-20 minutes of daily meditation. What’s great about it is that it can be used by anyone, from children to top-class businesspeople and it has uses that vary from the treatment of chronic diseases to increasing the IQ score and workplace productivity.

The Centre promises to be an immersive and complex meditation experience based on the tradition of one of the most famous Yogis in the world, so for those seeking to be enlightened and relieved from daily stress, this is something to be tried. Learning ancient principles in a friendly environment from people who have a great level of knowledge surely benefits anyone that wants to be familiarised with such matters. If you’re living or staying in Australia and are fascinated with transcendental meditation, be sure to visit the Maharishi Invincibility Centre in Ade