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Top 5 Weekend Activities To Indulge In Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia. It was named in honor of Adelaide of Saxemeiningen, Queen consort to Toking William. It houses over 75% of the total population in South Australia with a 2017 estimated population of 1,333,927 which makes it the 5 largest city in Australia in terms of population. The city was founded in 28 December 1836 with a total area of 3,257.7km². Many people from around South Australia visit this state capital especially on weekend to have fun and indulge in one activity or the other. The following are the top 5 of such activities to indulge in:

Wine tour imagine the excitement of moving around the beautiful city and checking on its stunning views whilst sampling various award winning wine brands. It is a great way of spending the weekend

Adelaide Botanic Garden

This 50 hectares garden gives you access to explore the beauty and diversity of plants taken from across the world. It can be found in Lot 1 Hackney Rd, Adelaide SA.

Adelaide Oval

Take a ride to War Memorial Drive, Adelaide SA with your friends to see the stunning stadium and watch professional players playing cricketand football. It also hosts major concerts and events.

Adelaide Central Mark

This is one of the largest fresh produce markets in South Australia visited by over 9 million people every year.

Art Gallery

A visit to this art gallery is a great way of spending the weekend. This gallery features many fine art collections with a number of activities for both children and adults. It is located in North Terrace, Adelaide SA.

Sporting in Adelaide has been a major drive to the economic growth of the region which calls the attention of people from every corner in Australia. Regards should be given to Adelaide Sports Association which brings together all volunteer sports fans in the region, helping them with both physical and psychological training hence making a transition from beginner to advanced levels of competency in various sport activities. A key sponsor of this association is 24HR Emergency Locksmith Adelaide which is an authorized Abus key distributor specialized in cutting of keys including home keys and other key types. They also open any type of lock.

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