Adela Morales

Chicago, IL

There aren’t words enough to tell you how exciting it is to be living in the times that we do. It may come with its share of uncertainties, hardships, and trials, but never has there been such an amazing time to be 20 something. With the right amount of determination, charisma, and know-how, you can be and do anything.

I excel at writing an array of professional standard articles, papers, ads, and blogs. Baking is a strong passion of mine, whether it is for my family and friends, or for a client. Recently I have begun my hobby of lizard care with Leopard Geckos and rare morph corn snakes.

My motto is and always will be “If I you don’t have the answers, know how to find them.”

  • Work
    • Horizon Realty Group
  • Education
    • Northeastern Illinois University